Ask me anything   Main blog: RECKLESSLYDREAMER.TUMBLR.COM/ "Not even them can stop me. Boy I'd be flying overhead. Their heavy words can bring me down. Boy I've been raised from the dead."Lana Del Rey
"They laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at them because they are all the same."Kurt Cobain

[nora] Do you think it’s actually them? Do you think we just dream about them because we miss them?

[josh] No, I think it’s one hundred percent them. They’re sitting on a cloud somewhere… dream weaving. 

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get to know me meme - favorite musical artists bands [3/5]
——-> the pretty reckless

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Avril Lavigne’s Guitar Evolution | (c) Geffreysuxx


Avril Lavigne’s Guitar Evolution | (c) Geffreysuxx

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"Vampires don’t get doors. No happy endings for us! I… am afraid to die."

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